Advice-Only: We only get paid for our advice. No biased hidden agenda with commissions or extra hidden fees, or by trying to get you to give us your assets to manage (and charge even more extra fees!). We only give you our unbiased, objective, personalized expert advice.

Flat-Fee: Most advisors use a complicated algorithm to calculate your charges, and it usually means the more you have, the more you pay. It’s not fair to charge you more just because you have more. They shouldn’t need a calculator to determine your fees, and they shouldn’t change every day based on market conditions or your growing wealth. We charge a simple-to-understand inexpensive flat fee for our services.

Fee-Only: Don’t be confused by similar but misleading terms like “Fee-Based” or “Fee-Offset.” Those mean there are likely commissions involved, which mean someone is working for themselves, not you. Fee-Only means we don’t earn our money any other way but through the clear pricing on our website.

Fiduciary: Fiduciary means that we’re obligated by law to always put your interests first. Be careful though, it’s a term that’s unfortunately been co-opted and not always true.