We’re an AFC®, a higher standard than CFP®, because it requires expertise in all of personal finance, not just “planning”!

The credentials are below. Take note, we’re coming from a place of true altruism – helping people out of dire financial circumstances, and then to build wealth. So, we started out with the areas of study, experience, and credentials in those areas. It means we can guide you from zero to hero, from dire to aspire, from down in the dumps to a maybe a deluxe apartment in the sky!

Licensed/Registered Investment Advisor Representative
AFCPE® Accredited Financial Counselor®
Ramsey Master Financial Coach
Author of Kiss Your Money Hello (and Financial Stress Goodbye) and Show and Sell 2023: Selling Your Home Today

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is an additional title, which incurs more time and expense we’d rather not pass along to our clients at this time. CFPs charge more and some sell insurance, and that’s not part of our charter. We are fully registered and licensed to do investment management and financial planning for retirement, college/trad/tech school, and other goals. After years of experience and in-the-trenches learning, the value of additional titles and classes diminishes. For more thoughts, see my blog post here.

Also, be aware that folks who aren’t actual licensed and registered financial advisors may have titles that “sound” like they are – investment counselor, coach, associate, etc. But really they’re not state or SEC vetted and registered. Some are insurance salespeople. They’ll to sell you things that “sound” like investments, but are actually very expensive, complex, and risky insurance products like deferred/variable/indexed annuities, QLACs, whole/universal/indexed/variable life insurance, and so forth. A real investment advisor is required to provide you with their Form ADV, which is approved by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission and/or state regulators.